Meet Our Team

Valeria Vick

Travel Consultant

Val Vick, a global traveler since 1983, has loved collecting images and storing memories from around the world. After retiring from her engineering career, she started serving her travel clients in 2008. Since then, she's learned a lot about travel and her fellow adventurers! A few of Val's beliefs include:

People are more alike than different

There are NO wrong travel choices — you like what you like

Dreams are meant to be big and not delayed

With a ready smile, Val is ready to help you build and experience your travel dreams... and more!

Shannon Vick

Travel Consultant

Having grown up in Houston, Shannon graduated from Baylor University in 2017 with a degree in Film and Digital Media. After graduating, she spent a year and a half in New York City to further her film career. She has since transitioned into acting and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2018. Although acting is a passion of hers, Shannon was born to travel — just like her mom, Val. She has always loved seeing the world and learning about different cultures — and truly understands the joy that comes with venturing into the unknown. Through Vick Travel Group, Shannon is committed to ensuring that same level of joy to every client's booking.

In her free time, Shannon loves to sleep, watch movies, go on long trail walks, try new food spots, and dance.

Our Favorite Travel Memories

We've been very blessed to visit so many beautiful countries over the years! Here are just a few of the places we've had the pleasure to explore.

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